Our Culture

Our Vision

To be the MOST RESPECTED and BEST-IN-CLASS Engineered Components supplier by providing high-quality, customer-centric engineering solutions, thereby creating Shareholders and Stakeholders value with a sustainable environmental footprint, and inclusive culture that promotes good Corporate Governance practices in all areas of its operations.

Our Mission

The organisation shall work continuously to:

our vision
  • Acquire and increase Market Share to grow as a leader in all our domains of business
  • Improve Product Quality and Services through Employee Engagement, adoption of “Best-in-Class” manufacturing systems and processes
  • Ensure financial prudence for all our businesses and create wealth for stakeholders
  • Increase our presence across various industries including: Automotive, Defence, Railways, Aerospace & Domestic Appliances

Our Goals

The organisation shall work continuously to:

our goals
  • Manufacture and supply the best quality products
  • Deliver on time with 100% satisfaction
  • Use the best business practices in a professional manner
  • Operate in a clean and safe work environment
  • Treat our customers, suppliers and employees with trust and respect
  • Strive for a level of product quality that exceeds expectations

Our Ethics

  • CAPARO is something more than a successful enterprise … it’s a story of people, of values and of human effort
  • Working with resolution, fortitude and ability, together, we can build CAPARO
  • The goodwill and confidence in the efforts of our workers, our suppliers and our managers form the bedrock of our business
  • Always aspire for excellence - nothing else is good enough and never abandon hope
  • There is no such thing as bad business, only bad management
  • What we like are people who are proud of what they do
  • Our aim and our goal for CAPARO is to be always in the top 10% industry performers
  • Success will happen so long as you work hard, with integrity
  • Find excitement in industry … and your own job in it
  • Cherish the enduring values of fidelity, truth and integrity