Caparo Fabrication Division A Top Fabrication Manufacturing Company in India

Caparo Fabrication Division A Top Fabrication Manufacturing Company in India

With the emergence of the globally-renowned fabrication manufacturing company like Caparo, India is fast emerging as one of the most prominent global hubs for high-quality auto components. Accounting for around 7% of the country’s gross domestic product (GDP), the auto components industry in India employs more than 19 million people directly or indirectly. The automobile components industry plays a very big role in the manufacturing GDP of the country through a massive contribution of 25.6% percent which equals 3.8% of the national GDP.

There are a large number of aspects that have a direct impact on the high growth of automotive manufacturing both in India and across the globe. Some of them include the following:

  • The ever-rising demand for high-density batteries
  • Manufacturing of brake pads with a minimized level of copper and heavy metals
  • The growing craze for technologically advanced products
  • Huge scope for pumps as technology gains high traction
  • Expansion and collaboration among OEMs and parts makers to increase market reach
  • Ever-increasing automotive production and innovative parts to assemble the end products.

Key market drivers at a glance

Industry experts believe that India is going to be the largest automobile producer in the world by the end of the year 2023 after the world’s fastest-growing economies such as China, the United States, and Japan. As for the auto components industry, it is anticipated to reach the 3rd largest place in the world by the end of the year 2025. Experts are also of the view that the countries that have a GDP growth rate of more than 7% are generating demand for the high-quality innovative automobiles from a huge chunk of the working population as well as the ever-expanding middle class. Both these segments of society have become the key drivers of growth in the automobile manufacturing industry. Consequently, the same is applied to the auto parts or components sector. 

Over the past 15 years, the Indian automobile industry has flourished like never before, and today it has twigged across the globe while giving a tough fight to its rivals within this specific domain. This is the reason the growth of global Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs’) sourcing from India has already gone to a new high while making the country the most preferred auto parts designing and manufacturing hub. The manufacturers and suppliers of varied supreme quality auto components and accessories can be considered to be the spine of this specific industrial segment. Today, the auto industry is shining bright followed by the auto parts segment which is already on a new high. 

The stature of Caparo India’s Fabrication Division

Caparo India’s fabrication division is a specialized manufacturer and supplier of light, medium, and heavy structural components for the Auto industry and the Railways. The company’s fabrication operations are driven by precise control of dimensional accuracy as well as the quality they call for. The Fabrication Division of Caparo came into existence with the idea of catering to the needs of the organized sector companies.

Fabrication facility locations PAN India

Today, Caparo India's fabrication facilities are spread across the following locations:

  • Bawal & Gurgaon (Haryana)
  • Halol (Gujarat)
  • Pithampur (MP)
  • Jamshedpur (Jharkhand)
  • Greater Noida (UP), and
  • Chennai (TN).

All these facilities boast of having ultramodern process capabilities that include bending, rolling, CNC, Press Brake, Shearing, Plasma Cutting, Laser Cutting, along with a large number of welding operations. The company’s Bawal plant also has some specialized facilities to carry out highly précised fabrications. These include special metal forming, dip painting and blanking lines, a well-equipped tool room, and gravity die casting among others.

Meeting the exclusive needs of automotive giants

Currently, the company is catering to the exclusive auto components requirements of major automotive giants like Volvo, Eicher, Renault, and Force Motors. Some of the major components being supplied include:

  • Fabricated Bumpers for HCV
  • Long Members
  • Runner Assemblies
  • Box Assemblies
  • Hooper Assemblies
  • Impeller Assemblies, and
  • Oil Pans, etc.

Caters to Indian Railways and Metro coach manufacturers

Apart from automotive industry clients, the Fabrication Division of Caparo India also meets the needs of the Indian Railways and Metro coach manufacturers by supplying the following crucial medium and heavy fabrications that include:

  • Engine Hood assembly
  • End wall and Bio tanks
  • Bogie under frame
  • Side wall and end wall, and
  • Primary parts for Bombardier Transportation.

The capabilities in the design and development area

Right from cutting to tool forming, the design holds a significant role when it comes to high-precision metal formation for diverse purposes. Caparo’s Fabrication Division is backed by a state-of-the-art facility that houses all the latest design tools and supportive equipment. Here in the design and development center, a dedicated pool of designing professionals/technocrats remains involved in carrying out first-time-right designing jobs as per the exacting requirements of the customers.

Making use of 3D modeling procedures, the team optimizes all the designs with lesser need for manual labor as well as materials. This results in a drastic reduction in cost, benefitting the customers. Achieving cost-effectiveness and superb functionality is the primary motto of the personnel deployed in the design and development area. The Set of Software used in the Design and Development Facility Includes CATIA V5, Solid Works, AutoCAD, Uni-Graphics, Pam Stamp and Auto Form-7, and Tebis and Work NC.

Concluding Remarks

As India’s top fabrication manufacturing company, Caparo India’s Fabrication Division manufactures and supplies All-Terrain Vehicles (ATV) – Structural Parts, Cabins for 3 Wheelers, Frame Assemblies for Conventional and Electric Three Wheelers, the Under frame of Bombardier Metro / Tram, Frame and Chassis for Circuit Breakers / Switchgears, Seat Frame Parts – Metro Coaches, Shields, EMS EU Mounting Bracket, Fabricated Bumper for HCV, Guide Runner and Fender Assemblies, Rear Twist Beam, Front Cross Members, Chassis Members for Passenger and Commercial Vehicles, End Wall for Railway LHB Coaches, Long hood For Railway Engines WDG4 DLW, SS End Wall for Railways MRVC Coach ICF, Retention Tank for Railway LHB Coaches, Retention Tank for Train 18 Coaches, Stainless Steel Roof Water Tank –Indian Railways, and various other miscellaneous structures. For more details, one can visit the website of company.