Caparo Tubes A Strategic Supplier to All Major Auto and Auto-components Manufacturers

Caparo Tubes A Strategic Supplier to All Major Auto and Auto-components Manufacturers

Caparo Tubes is a division of CEIL and one of the top manufacturers and suppliers of steel precision tubes CDW & ERW tubes in India. The company meets the specific needs of almost all the major auto and auto components makers in India. The company manufactures and supplies boilers, APH tubes, and heat exchanger tubes to the energy sector, and for a large number of general engineering applications.

Caparo Tubes: certifications, infrastructure, and production capacity at a Glance

Caparo Tubes is an ISO 9001:2000 & IATF 16949 certified company that manufactures tubes while adhering to all the national and international standards. Apart from a world-class manufacturing facility equipped with all the latest tools and machinery, the company always acts in sync with well-established processes for tube-making with a current output of more than 3000 MT per month. Operated by a competent and dedicated workforce, Caparo Tubes has always been proactive in its approaches towards continuous upgradation of technology, faster product development, and delivery as well. To meet the ever-escalating demands of the dynamically charged marketplaces, the company is constantly working to strengthen its capacity while taking production to the next level.

Some quick facts and plant highlights at a glance

  • Acquired in - August 2006 (previously known as Steel Tubes of India)
  • Workforce - 540 employees
  • Current capacity to manufacture 21000 MT of CDW tubes and 27600 MT of ERW tubes (Total– 48600 MT/PA) depending upon the sizes and mix.
  • Capability to manufacture Cylinder Bore tubes with ID Ra 0.4 max.
  • Produces Boiler Tubes with IBR (Self-certification).

A ‘one-stop shop’ for a wide spectrum of tubing products

As one of the top leaders in the manufacturing of ERW tubes using highly efficient methodologies such as gravity die casting, the company has established a meticulously planned strategically installed manufacturing stet-up to manufacture a comprehensive range of tubing solutions for customers across the country and the globe. Acting as a ‘one-stop shop’ for a wide spectrum of tubing products, the facility supports the production of 3000MT Precision Carbon & Alloy Steel ERW and CDW tubes and Seamless tubes per month. Manned by the committed human resources, Caparo Tube’s integrated facility for Slitting, Tube Welding and Tube Drawing includes the following as part of the production capabilities:

  • On-Line as well as Off line eddy current testing
  • Hydro-testing – up to 3000 PSi
  • Coil Slitting – 1450 mm and 490 mm wide
  • Tube drawing – 60 Kms /Day
  • Various tube-finishing machines
  • Tube rolling – 15.88 mm to 101.6 mm OD up to 5.5 mm thick
  • Tube annealing – 84 Tons per day.

Gravity die casting: a concise look at the process

Gravity die casting is considered to be one of the oldest processes to be invented for carrying out different types of metalwork and light allows die casting. This process has now become fully automated offering the highest accuracy and dimensional stability. In this process, the plastic in the liquid state is poured directly from a ladle into a permanent or semi-permanent die. The primary purpose always remains to fill the die with the least possible turbulence so that oxidation and foaming can be kept under control. This in turn reduces porosity and inclusions, offering optimum metal characteristics when the final casting takes place. Gravity die casting equipment generally comes either with a vertical or horizontal mould opening or tilting technology offering 0/90 ° or 0/120 ° tilting. As for tilting die-casting, the tilting angle and speed of the die control the die inlet.

Salient advantages of gravity die casting technology at a glance

The advantages of gravity die-casting technology are endless when it comes to producing dense and high-quality castings with unmatched mechanical properties such as stiffness and strength. These attributes make this methodology ideally suitable for automotive applications including suspension components and brake systems.

Some other top advantages include the following:

  • Perfectly suitable technology for high-volume automotive components manufacturing
  • This technology calls for the lowest possible investment when it comes to producing small-sized and medium-volume production
  • Gravity die casting produces components with unmatched mechanical properties that also suit heat treatment
  • This technology can also produce components with complex shapes
  • High production rates as it can produce hundreds of castings in a single day
  • Offers excellent dimensional accuracy and stability in parts
  • High tensile strength that’s suitable for all heavy-duty mechanical applications
  • Multiple finishing options when there is a need for an extremely smooth or textured surface
  • Only a small amount of after-work required in the production cycle.

Some of the most prominent factors that contribute to the unmatched superior finish, high strength, dimensional accuracy, durability, and rust resistance of ERW tubes include the following:

  • Eddy current testing
  • Annealing
  • Pressure testing
  • Cutting providing
  • Exclusively designed rolls for progressive movement of steel strip
  • The high-frequency induction welding process
  • Deburring units for efficient removal of weld flash, and
  • Turks head and sizing roll for straightening and ideal sizing of tubes.

Research & Development at Caparo Tubes

Research & Development (R&D) at Caparo Tubes plays a crucial role in keeping pace with the constantly changing pace of tubing solutions. The company makes untiring efforts to remain not only competitive but also cost-effective with the changing dynamics of the industry. When it comes to achieving remarkable success in new product development, the company has already proved its mettle many times. Staying in sync with all latest in the manufacturing techniques, the company goes beyond the call of duty and responsibility to produce products with high operational efficiency but also low production cost.

Concluding Remarks

Being a top ISO 9001: 2000 and IATF 16949 certified facility, Caparo Tubes has always been committed to delivering supreme quality in the entire product range that it produces and supplies to its customers the world over. Manufacturing ERW tubes using highly efficient methodologies such as gravity die casting, the company ensures quality by adhering to customer specifications apart from a series of stringent quality control procedures during different stages of production. More details can be obtained from the website of company.