Caparo makes use of its extensive know-how of product understanding, advanced technology, state-of-the-art CAD/CAM infrastructure, and unmatched product development expertise to come up with innovation-inspired designs.
Caparo makes use of its extensive

The company’s design team goes the extra mile to ensure that each design is integrated with 3D models simulation for a better size, weight, and performance optimization exactly as per the customer’s specifications.

Latest CAD/CAM software including Unigraphics, Deform, etc. not only facilitate a reduction in manufacturing lead times and optimisation of the forging methodologies but also eventually result in better material utilisation.

The Caparo Design Team uses:

  • AutoCAD 2018 for 2D Design and Drawings
  • UG NX6 for solid 3D modelling and Drafting
  • UG NX6 for CAM programming and Verification
  • NC Code for generation for high-speed VMC machines for Tools & Die making.

Deform 3D Software is used by the design team for:

  • Offline parts development
  • Optimising forging process
  • Optimising raw material required
  • Better utilisation of press & dies.

Research & Development

To achieve the best results, the team defines a specific need or problem to:

  • Utilise methodologies such as synthesis, analysis, and optimisation
  • Make a serious evaluation of the results
  • Make use of innovative techniques in design to address the problems identified
  • Find the best suitable solution.
The AV/VE wing continues its operations while aiming

The AV/VE wing continues its operations while aiming at:

  • Bringing betterment in quality and information management
  • Improving product quality
  • Bettering the lead times
  • Minimising product costs, and increasing the overall production efficiency.
Tool Room

Tool Room

Caparo has an ultra-advanced, in-house dedicated Tool Room equipped with all the latest tooling machines to back up all types of production requirements while ensuring a complete control on the quality of the forgings produced.

The facilities in the Tool Room include:

  • High-Speed Vertical Machining Centers
  • EDM’s
  • Mazak Turning Center
  • Milling Machines
  • Radial Drilling Machines