1600T to 6300T




0.5kg to 50kg

Forging Weight
Offering full-service supply capabilities to its global customers, the company’s manufacturing prowess boasts of new-age operating systems right from concept to product design, engineering, and manufacturing to testing & validation.
Offering full-service supply capabilities to its global customers

Caparo’s operating systems focus on achieving waste elimination with the QDC - Quick Die Change systems in place for reducing set-up change over time and improving the overall productivity.


Caparo’s forging facility is equipped with 3 Closed Die Hot Forging Press Lines ranging from 1600Tons to 6300Tons. These lines have the capability of producing press forgings weighing from 0.5 kg to 50kgs. All these press lines have a unique concept of the Single-Piece Flow Production system, whereby the billet shearing happens only if the product is required at the end of the cycle. This ensures the attainment of the highest productivity levels with no chances of the mix-up of cut metal.

  • Closed Die Hot Forging Integrated Press Lines
  • Induction Billet Heaters inline
  • With conveyors for material handling
  • 100% Magnetic Particles Inspection for Safety & Critical Parts
  • Integrated Machining lines with necessary SPM’s

Gas Fired Heating Furnaces

The facility is equipped with 2 independent Gas Fired Heat Treatment Furnaces to perform operations like Hardening, Quenching, Tempering, Iso-thermal Annealing, and Controlled Cooling (for micro alloys). All furnaces are equipped with SCADA systems to ensure high repeatability and consistency in the forgings produced.

Gas Fired Heating Furnaces
  • Dedicated Heat Treatment facility for each line
  • Flexible controlled cooling facility available
  • Furnaces are capable of Hardening & Tempering, ISO-Thermal Annealing, Normalizing, and Controlled / Slow Cooling.

CNC Machining

Caparo’s state-of-the-art machining unit is equipped with CNC Machining Centers, Vertical Turning Lathes, and other allied machines. With the capability to supply forgings in fully machined conditions and controlled environment, the facility maintains accurate control on material, production planning, and inspections in the machining area.

  • Flexible machining centers
  • Multi-machine manning
  • Hydraulic fixture for quick clamping / de-clamping
  • In-process gauging
  • Special Gauges for Con Rods
  • 2 Con-rod Machining Lines
  • Daimler Support Arms Machining Line
  • Hub Machining Line
CNC Machining