Skin Parts

Caparo manufactures all kinds of skin parts such as outer panels and inner panels in various sizes (t = 0.5 - 6.0 mm). It fabricates deep draw and extra deep draw panels and specialises in hemming of doors.

High Tensile Parts

High tensile parts are used by OEMs to lend strength and stiffness along with a favorable mass-to-cost ratio. The manufacture of high tensile parts needs special die designing capabilities.

Caparo has pioneered this concept in India and supplies 15 such parts to Honda. While each high-tensile die capability requires an average of 10 years of experience, Caparo has built such capabilities within one year at its plant at Greater Noida.

Long Members

Long members are the components on which the complete chassis and body of commercial vehicles rest, making them a critical element for strength and safety.

Caparo makes long members for Volvo Eicher at its Pithampur plant. The company is the only independent component supplier to import a 4000-ton machine for making long members automatically. This increases the speed of production and ensures quality for this critical component. These capabilities were hitherto available only with the OEMs.

Assembly Systems

This involves assembling the various body parts including frames, members, floors, etc. through a combination of processes like welding and adding nuts and bolts.

Body-In-White Systems

Caparo has built capabilities for the complete body-in-white systems that include side panels, body frames, pillars, boot lids, seat components, etc.

Painted Components

Caparo has the ability to provide painted components (Powder-coated and CED) through its units at Pithampur, Halol, Chennai, and Bawal.