Caparo MI Steel Bawal

  • Operational Since

  • Capital

    US$ 2.3 Million

Plant Highlights

MISI and Caparo Engineering India have established a Joint Venture Company to produce and supply Tailored Weld Blank (TWB) to Automotive Customers in India.


Improved Welding Technology

  • Blank-holders on overall length of welding line
  • Power control mechanism for material locating process
  • Guiding Joint-line of steel blanks utilizing “Seam Guide” Unit.

Automatic inspection units for high-quality welding

Plasma Monitoring Unit

  • Process Analyzing
  • Monitoring the variability of Welding Conditions with photo-sensor for emission intensity
  • Monitor “Welding Temperature”, “Plasma”, “Back Reflection” and “Laser Power”

Automatic Bead Inspection Unit

  • Result Checking
  • Optical Inspection on welding-bead from upper surface with CCD camera
  • Detect “Bead-width”, “Under-fill”, “Gap”, etc.

Quality Monitoring

  • 100% inspection with Fully-Automatic inspection Units