Our well-integrated business framework in metal stamping enables us to manage the entire production process of sheet metal processing and forming. Right from coiling to highly-complex welded and flanged assemblies, we have end-to-end capabilities for all stamping solutions.

  • Complete lifecycle solutions in stampings
  • Tandem Manual and Semi-automated lower and high tonnage Press Lines up to 4000T
  • 150 million line strokes
  • Material capability in both Steel and Aluminum
  • Capability in BIW, TWB, and Long members
  • TWB Line (Linear Welding) with Laser Optic and Under Surface Inspection Unit


The division has one of the largest pressing facilities in India spread across 15 locations. The facility has more than 400 Tandem manual and semi-automated presses ranging from 63T to 2000T presses for highly specialised metal forming operations of varied sizes. All these presses are procured from globally renowned manufacturers.

This robust infrastructure in the pressing facility is used for performing a comprehensive range of sheet metal forming operations including:

  • Deep drawing
  • Fine blanking
  • Blanking
  • Impact extrusion
  • Piercing
  • Embossing
  • Ironing and forming from solid, etc.

We also have some special purpose presses equipped with manipulators enabling us to process the material for a wide range of most challenging applications. Intending to take the pressing facility a step ahead, we are already in the process of installing another press line with a capacity of 4000 T.

Piercing Embossing

TWB Facility

We have state-of-the-art Tailor Welded Blanks (TWB) facility that has 2 lines (OYABE SEIKI make) with Welding Length up to 1800 mm. With these capabilities, we create extremely flexible part designs while making sure that the right material is used in the right place.

TWB Facility
TWB Facility

Coil Blanking Lines

Coil Blanking Lines

Coil Blanking Line, the heart of the manufacturing operations, produces tight tolerance blanks for manual-fed and robotic-fed downstream operations, including stamping, roll-forming, punching and notching, wing bending, or a combination of these operations. Blanking lines offer the complete manufacturing process – from the coil to the blank stack – from a single source.

These lines automatically manufacture simultaneously from the coil to the blank stack: inserting materials according to mould types, adjusting product length and width, and stacking sheets with oscillating shear.

Blanking Line Specifications

  • Coil Traverse Station Parallel to the Feeding line (1 No. for two Coils - 20,00 kg coil weight)
  • Uncoiler with Snubber Roll & Drum Support (Single Mandrel Drum Expansion Type-Capacity 20,000kg.)
  • Coil Opener or Strip Leading in (two consoles)
  • Coil Loading Car with Driven Rollers (Capacity-20,000kg.)
  • Expellers
  • Residual Strip Processing
  • Scrap Bin
  • Washing Machine
  • Leveller
  • Loop Equipment
  • Feeding Device
  • Telescopic Conveyer
  • Stopper Systems for Blanks
  • Piler Car 1, 2, 3 & 4
  • Press with capacity of 6000KN
  • Stacking Bridge or Stacking Conveyor
  • Telescopic Strip Transfer Table & End Feeder
  • Bridging Table between the Pinch Roll & Cropping Shear
  • Pinch Roll or Roller Strip Take Off with Two Sets of Pinch Roll ( Dirty Roll & Clean Roll)
  • End Conveyor for the Rejected Blanks with the Scrap Trolley

Welding & Assembly

Welding and Assembly

We have multiple welding stations at various locations having all sorts of welding facilities from manual to semiautomatic and automatic. Our extensive welding capabilities make use of both robotic welding as well as manual welding in MIG and TIG & Resistance. We have got unmatched expertise in welding aluminium, and stainless steel materials. Our state-of-the-art welding and assembly shop supports all our custom metal forming processes.

Laser Cutting Machine – Fiber Technology

Welding and Assembly

Caparo works on the ultra-modern Laser Cutting machine that is equipped with a TRUMPF Power source and features a Laser cutting head with Bluetooth Connectivity, and an Advance CNC Controller with the Latest software METACAM.


  • Make- PROTECK
  • Fully CNC Controller
  • Cutting Power – 03 KW
  • Technology – Fiber
  • Automatic Pallet Changer
  • Bed size-1.5 x 3Mtr.
  • MS Cutting – Up to 16 MM
  • SS Cutting – Up to 10 MM
  • Al & CU Cutting – Up to 06 MM

Surface Treatment

For surface treatment, we have advanced in-house CED coating and PE Coating facilities. Through these facilities, we ensure that each product is chemically resistant, mechanically durable and delighting on appearance with excellent salt spray life. Through the finest quality surface treatment involving various mechanical and physical characteristics, we also make sure that each product delivers superb performance.

Surface Treatment

CED Coating

  • Installed capacity - 4500 SqM / day
  • Spare capacity -1900 SqM/day (40%)
  • Basket Size 2300 x 1500 x 1200
  • Transporter Type
  • Capable of painting sheet metal, Aluminum Die Casting and Steel Forgings
  • 750000 Sq.Mts / Year – Capacity with provision to enhance capacity
  • Kansai Nerolac Paint & Chemicals
  • Fully Pressurized Set up
  • Capable to meet all OEM requirements

PE Coating Shop

PE Coating Shop
  • Fully Automatic plant except loading and unloading of Jigs
  • Robust mirror finish stainless steel booth with flat surfaces that facilitates easy cleaning
  • Filter recovery ensures that all the powder stays in the powder loop
  • Fire Explosives Proof Robotic Set up for powder application
  • Automatic mix up of Virgin and Recovered Powder system

High Tensile Sheet Metal Stamping Technology

With increasing environmental and legislative demands for higher levels of fuel emission standards, performance standards, and versatility, automobile manufacturers are increasingly focusing on structural and body inners in high tensile materials (ferrous alloys and also nonferrous alloys) in thinner sections. Auto majors in India are now actively focusing on this technology to meet and sustain legislative demands (Euro V / equivalents and other regulatory standards), getting enforced from 2018-19 and more stringent regulations on Vehicle Safety (especially in Passenger Car segments).

Models of Passenger Vehicles launched in India, from 2016-17 have an increasingly greater content of members in higher tensile steels (UTS >/= 590MPa). Forming on High tensile ferrous alloys (Steel) is more complex due to their inherent high yield points and low formability. At Caparo, this is undertaken in both hot stamping and cold forming (stamping) methods.

The world over, forming on higher tensile Steels (up to ~ 980 MPa Tensile strength) is undertaken by Cold Forming. However, Tool Development for such Tools involves much higher levels of Structural Design and Manufacturing Technology.

  • Operation on such Dies requires a greater level of process technology.
  • The current level technology at Caparo Stamping Units is adaptive to manufacture stamped panels to UTS 590 MPa.
  • Steels with higher Tensile Strengths (UTS > 1000 MPa) are generally processed by Hot Forming.  
tool tool