• Acquired in

    January 2007
  • Total Area

    Spread across 35 Acres
  • Capacity

    15.5 mn strokes p.a. or 5.5 million
  • Manpower Employed

    101 employees

Plant Highlights

All types of BIW parts of Passenger Vehicles & Commercial Vehicles

Cabin child parts, sub-assemblies and assemblies of Construction Equipment like Excavators

Deep draw oil pans for engines with a draw length of 230 mm

Parts with different grades of steel with thickness till 4.5 mm

Parts with steel thickness of 12 mm with hot roll draw process and 8 mm with cold roll draw process.


Press Shop

Range of presses from mechanical till hydraulic, clubbed with single and dual action capabilities

Press line comprising of 9 presses with capacities ranging from 100T to 1400T


  • Systems have been designed to conform to IATF 16949-2016 and ISO 9001-2015

Weld Shop

  • Projection Welding
  • Welding SPM’s


  • Fully fledged in house CMM lab with bed size 1500X2100X1000 mm
  • Weld penetration set up
  • Green Room