To provide supreme quality products, we lay stress upon both the base material and the entire production process.

To achieve this, we have developed a zero-error quality monitoring system in sync with our specific production processes. The system has direct integration with our manufacturing tools and equipment helping us to perform real-time checks to find defects and flaws instantly and automatically.


Testing Facilities

Our Hi-tech Testing Facility Includes:
  • Portable Blue light scanner (3D Measurement)
  • 3D CMM
  • CMM Arm
  • Computerised Profile Projector
  • X-Ray
  • CNC Roundness Tester
  • Surface Roughness Tester
  • Electronic Air Gauges
  • Hardness Tester
  • Stereo Zoom Microscopes
  • Metallurgical Microscopes for Micro Structure Testing
  • Leakage Testing Equipment
  • Penetration Check Equipment
  • Cupping Test Equipment
  • UTM Machine
  • Spectrometer
  • Millipore Testing facility
  • Salt spray testing (SST)
  • Spectrometer