Design and Development

We have an in-house state-of-the-art design and development center with Simulation, Tool Design, and CAM program capacity manned by design engineers with proven experience and expertise in creating designs that are extremely crucial for Tool Room. The designs created here provide the foundation for high-quality stamping, cutting and tool forming of any geometry and complexity.


The facility has 10 dedicated Design Work Stations where our design engineers work on advanced set of software such as:

  • CATIA V5, Solid Works, AutoCAD and Uni-graphics for Designing
  • Pam Stamp and Auto Form-8 for Simulation
  • Tebis and Work NC for CAM
  • Forming & Suit (FTI) for Blank Development.

As design determines the overall structure of the product, our designing personnel precisely undertake die design principles to ascertain the product is made impeccably. In the Designing section, we always focus on creating practical solutions that accelerate production speed, offer maximum accuracy, and yet cost-effective.

Additional Highlights

  • Use of advanced technology in designing to arrive at cost-effective designs
  • Ability to reduce overall lead time and costs, assuring high tool and part quality
  • Reduced number of press try-outs and optimisation loops in the tool designing process
  • Adding spring back compensation in first design itself to optimize try-outs cycles
  • Ability to make quick process modifications and evaluate different process layouts to settle on the best one
  • Ability to identify the complex forming problems during the early phase.


We have a state-of-the-art CNC Machining set-up housing all the latest machines to capacitate our machinists for machining parts with a wide variety of materials.

The team of experienced machinists in the division is capable of providing a fast turnaround on everything right from prototypes to full-scale production runs. The machining section is also equipped with flawless inspection and testing facilities to further take manufacturing standards to the next level.

Other General and specific purpose machines in the section are:

  • Vertical Machining Centre (VMC)
  • OKUMA, Japan VMC Machines (4 Nos) – Including one 5 axis and one 4 axis machining
  • Kioming, Taiwan VMC machines- 3 nos
  • Hardford , Taiwan VMC machines- 2nos
  • 5- AXIS Machining
  • Max Work Size: 4800 x 2500 mm
  • Horizontal & Vertical Milling (BFW)
  • Vertical Milling (Batliboi)
  • Milling -Turret Type (Chevalier)
  • Lathe (HMT)
  • Tool & Cutter Grinder (HMT)
  • Surface Grinder (Chevalier)
  • Cylindrical Grinding (Micromatic)
  • Pedestal grinder (Batliboi)
  • Radial Drilling (Batliboi)- 2 nos Radial Drilling ( HMT)- 1 no
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Forthcoming additions
in the pipeline include:

Conventional equipment, like Plano milling


800 T tryout Press

Spotting Machine

100 T

Assembly and Try-out

In our Assembly and Try-out facility, we have Spotting press (100T moving bolster 4.5mt x 2.5mt) and Try-out press 1000T, 600T, 400T. Before the die produces go to the production line, they are comprehensively tried for stamping defects, time and cost consumption, any kind of splitting or wrinkling along with various other critical die parameters. If there is a need, we get back to the designing stage to make the required modifications as per the product parameters.