21 Aug 2019
Caparo Enters into Technical Alliance with Shin Young Group, Korea
Caparo Enters into Technical Alliance with Shin Young Group, Korea

Caparo enters into a strategic technical alliance with Shin Young Group, Korea to synergise complementary strengths of its local Indian manufacturing with Korean Technology to offer ready access to engineering solutions and advanced technology for robust and optimal solutions for clients in India in the field of Metal Forming for Automotive applications.

Shin Young is the only company in Korea that has exclusive HSS experience with global OEMs, while specialising in total engineering solutions for stamping tools, assembly tools, and stamping.

Through its alliance with Shin Young, Caparo India plans to develop and deliver viable products in the fields of Dies and Checking Fixtures to manufacture sheet metal components in steel (including steel of tensile strengths =/>590 MPa) and aluminium, Assembly Tooling (Welding Jigs and Fixtures), Progressive Tooling, Prototype Tooling, and Assembly Lines from an established manufacturing base in India.

Caparo India also aspires to be a prime source for the indigenous activities of OEMs in the field of Tooling and Metal Forming (Cold Stamping) and comprehensive Engineering Solutions for Assembly Operations. Additionally, the tie-up is expected to bring in benefits of quality stabilisation and cost reduction during the initial stages through organic management of the Stamping Tool, Jigs, and Parts business.