Shock Absorber Tubes

Inner Tube/ Pressure tube
  • Cylinder Bore Quality Tube
  • Surface Roughness < 0.5 micron Ra
  • Very good concentricity and ovality
  • Very tight tolerance in ID up to 0.05 mm.
  • High strength material can be manufactured in adverse D/t ratio.
shock absorber tubes
Outer Tube/ Reserve Tube
  • Very Adverse D/t ratio and thin walled tubes
  • Very good straightness (Up to 1/1800)
  • Good fin cut quality
  • Well designed for further fabrication like spinning
Eye Ring
  • Very high strength material (HSLA, St 52, SAE 1020)
  • Good Surface Roughness
shaft tubes

Shaft tubes

Propeller shaft:
  • High Strength Material (like SAE 1020)
  • Can be subjected to high torsion and shear stress
  • Light weight
Axle Shaft:
  • Very High Strength Material, like St – 52 (As per DIN Std.)
  • Good load bearing capacity, high torsional and shear strength

Side Impact Beam

  • Increased crash safety and lower weight at reduced cost are nowadays among the most important requirements for body-in-white components. Side impact protection beams have to meet these requirements. Especially the use of ultra-high strength steel demonstrates to be an efficient approach to reach this target.
  • To achieve this target, very high strength Boron treated material is used, later to be induction hardened to meet the specific requirement of ultra high tensile strength i.e. more than 1450 MPa as well as hardness along with nominal elongation i.e. 10%
side impact beam
metal tube assemblie

Metal Tube Assemblies

Fuel Injection Tubes:
  • Fuel Injection Tubes are used in large numbers in all kinds of diesel engines for automobiles, ships, construction equipment and agricultural machinery.
  • These are manufactured using high grade materials like IF grade, which impart utmost level of durability.
  • Flaring of more than 100% can be achieved.
  • Tubes are strictly checked on the parameters of quality, dimension and cleanliness.
Hydraulic Tubes
  • A qualitative range of Hydraulic Tubes.
  • This precision engineered product possesses high tensile strength and is extremely durable.
  • These tubes are used in Hydraulic applications in Automobile and other industries.

Heat Exchanger, Air Pre Heater and Boiler Tubes

Air Pre Heater Tubes
  • Air heater tubes or APH tubes are used in sugar mills, heat exchangers, paper and chemical industry.
  • Our Air Pre-heater Steel Tubes are manufactured from the superior quality materials like Corten Steel conforming to ASTM A 423 grade I. The tubes so made are annealed, fin (inside weld) is removed (fin-cut)
  • They are pressure and hydro tested.
Boiler tubes
  • Large assortment of precisely designed Boiler Tubes.
  • High Pressure Boiler Tubes are manufactured from the premium raw materials like Grade 320, 360 and 440 under strict quality norms.
  • Boiler Tubes are available in various sizes to match the requirements of the clients.
heat exchanger air pre heater and boiler tubes

Other Applications

Bobbin Tube
  • Very high strength material (St 52 and SAE 1020)
  • Adverse D/t ratio
  • Tensile strength of more than 650 MPa
Gas Spring tube
  • Good surface finish
  • Controlled dimensions
  • Surface roughness of 0.8 micron Ra.
  • Roll Over Protective Structure (ROPS), Falling Object Protective Structure(FOPS) for Earth Moving Equipments. Very high strength steel to be used for this particular application like S355.
Other usages
  • Conduit pipes, rectangular and square sections, scaffolding tubes, and in general engineering application

Our Specialties

  • Cylinder Bore Quality tubes.
  • Thin walled tubes, maintaining very adverse D/t ratio.
  • Very close ID tolerance of 0.05 mm in special CDW products.
  • Straightness up to 1/2000 for special products.
  • Boiler and APH tubes up to length of 13 meters.
  • Bright annealing
  • Flash fin cut quality


  • Very high strength tubes up to the range of 900 MPa.
  • Low cost door impact beams using boron treated steel.
  • Precision tubes up to the range of 101.6 mm OD.
  • Tubes capable to withstand severe torsional, tensional, or compressional stress like full folding, 100% flaring, spinning etc.