With the industry’s best manufacturing practices in place, we are deeply concerned about each and every aspect of the product range that we produce.

We procure raw material from the world’s best resources to maintain supremacy in our products from the very beginning. With an integrated facility for tube making operated by highly skilled and competent workforce to manufacture 3300MT per month of tubes, currently we are offering the following Precision Carbon & Alloy Steel ERW and CDW tubes and Seamless tubes in India-

Our Specialties
  • Cylinder Bore Quality tubes.
  • Thin walled tubes, maintaining very adverse D/t ratio.
  • Very close ID tolerance of 0.05 mm in special CDW products.
  • Straightness up to 1/2000 for special products.
  • Boiler and APH tubes up to length of 13 meters.
  • Bright annealing
  • Flash fin cut quality
  • Very high strength tubes up to the range of 900 M.P.a.
  • Low cost door impact beams using boron treated steel.
  • Precision tubes up to the range of 101.6 mm OD.
  • Tubes capable to withstand severe torsional, tensional, or compressional stress like full folding, 100% flaring, spinning etc.