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Guiding Principles

Upholding the Caparo Name
  • Customers and suppliers trust Caparo based on our capability and integrity - qualities that underpin our reputation.
  • We seek to work with only those customers and suppliers who share our standards of legitimacy and integrity.
  • We use all assets belonging to Caparo and to our customers and suppliers, including tangible and intellectual assets, in a manner both responsible and appropriate to the business.
Behaving Professionally
  • We offer only those services that we believe we can deliver.
  • We meet our contractual obligations.
  • We believe that leadership demands courage, vision and integrity.
  • We achieve excellence through innovation, learning, agility and team work.
Respecting Others
  • We take pride in the diversity of our workforce and view it as a competitive advantage to be nurtured and expanded.
  • We try to balance work and private life and help others to do the same.
  • We invest in the continuing development of our skills and abilities to meet the needs of the business.
Corporate Citizenship
  • We express support for fundamental human rights and avoid participating in business activities that abuse human rights.
  • We act in a socially responsible manner, within the laws, customs and traditions of the countries in which we operate, and contribute in a responsible manner to the development of communities.
  • We aspire to act in a manner that minimises the detrimental environmental impacts of our business operations.
  • We encourage the support of charitable, educational and community service activities.
In the Workplace

  • We disclose confidential information or personal data only when appropriate approval to do so has been obtained, and/or we are compelled to do so by legal or regulatory requirements.
  • We use all assets belonging to Caparo and to our customers and suppliers, including tangible and intellectual assets, only for legal and authorized purposes.
  • We aim to avoid conflicts of interest. Where potential conflicts are identified we discuss them with Senior Management to agree a framework for managing the potential conflict.
  • We compete vigorously, engaging only in practices that are legal and ethical.
  • When faced with difficult issues or issues that place Caparo at risk, we consult appropriate Caparo colleagues before taking action.
  • It is unacceptable for us to receive or pay bribes, or to offer or receive any form of inducement as a means to derive any un-worthy advantage, either over our customers or suppliers.
Working together
  • We respect the confidentiality and privacy of our customers and suppliers, our colleagues and others with whom we do business.
  • We treat our colleagues, customers and suppliers and others with whom we do business with respect, dignity, fairness and courtesy.
  • We respect the experience and opinions of our colleagues.
  • We recognize the need to communicate at all levels of the business.
  • We are committed to maintaining a work environment that is free from discrimination or harassment.
  • We provide a safe working environment for our people.