Every organization competes in the market for products & services, technology, market share and customer satisfaction; however, the most important factor that differentiates “Good Organizations” and “Great Organizations” is the “Human Capital”

Caparo India has a strong work culture wherein all employee(s) are encouraged to Collaborate & Work in Teams with Open & Transparent Communication, Positive & Inclusive Work Environment and feel engaged to give their hundred percent contribution towards the achievement of department, plant & organization goals.





Caparo India provides equal opportunities to all irrespective of caste, creed, and gender, a sense of team spirit thru inter-departmental & inter-plant / inter-company cohesiveness, a feeling of transparency & openness as managers and teams sit together in an open environment.


Caparo India has partnered with one of the Leading Organization Research and Consulting Firm “BETTERWORKS” to support in building up the Engagement Driven Culture. With the support of Betterworks, the Caparo India EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT SURVEY was conducted in 2020.

Focus on Engagement From Day 1:

New employee(s) joining Caparo India experience the Engagement Culture from Day 1 of their joining. As part of the Onboarding and Induction Process at Caparo India, all employees undergo an extensive orientation process focusing on the following aspects:

Further, as part of the Onboarding and Induction process, each new joinee is assigned a Buddy Mentor, who helps the new employee to settle down in the organization, which in turn supports in accelerating the productivity of new hires.

The effectiveness of the entire Onboarding and Induction Process is measured through a unique 7-30-90 Day Feedback system, which captures the satisfaction & engagement levels of the new joinees w.r.t Joining Formalities, Hygiene Factors, Buddy Mentoring Process, Clarity in terms of Roles & Responsibilities, and Alignment to Departmental & Organizational Objectives.