Learning Organisation – The Caparo Way

(Nurturing Smart Leaders)
In today’s competitive business environment, successful and productive employees play a very important role in the organisation.

Most organisations use similar technologies, similar processes & systems as well as similar machines, however, the only differentiating factor between good and great organisations are the people working in the organisations. Hence, Caparo continuously focuses on development of not only technical & functional capabilities, but also focus on development of leadership & people capabilities.

Learning Organisation – The Caparo Way

At Caparo, we understand the importance of upgrading one’s skill sets to remain relevant in a dynamic and technology-driven environment. This Learning & Development process is guided and implemented by dedicated Regional L&D Professionals across India.

Caparo Leadership Competency Framework

Caparo Leadership Competency Framework lays the foundation for identifying and developing leaders. Two Level Leadership Competencies (for Senior & Top Management and Middle & Junior Management) support the designing and implementation of Long-Term Leadership Development Programmes, wherein identified leaders undergo Classroom Workshops as well as On-The-Job Exposure through implementation of Individual Development Plans (IDPs).

Caparo is also moving towards building a robust Leadership Pipeline through Talent Management and Succession Management Practices, which will enable them to achieve their long-term objectives, and provide Career Progression opportunities to employees.