Work Culture Diversity and Equal Opportunities

We are fiercely proud of our tradition of ensuring that we do not discriminate our workforce on the basis of age, gender, social or economic backgrounds.

With our businesses spread across a complex and diverse country like India, we have found that when workers from different backgrounds and sensibilities come together to work as a team, productivity is enhanced because they each bring something unique to the process.

Caparo acts in line with its conviction that a policy that promotes diversity and inclusion enables everyone – regardless of their gender, ethnic origins or background – to give their best within the company. As an equal opportunities company, we adhere to our belief in women’s empowerment, especially on shop floors, where even today, women are under-represented across industries.

In 2020, Caparo has ventured into a Long Term Journey of Gender Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) by making it a 2020 Strategic Objective. In order to achieve the same, the “Gender Diversity Policy” as well as the “WE-UNITE” project to improve the Workforce Diversity in the shopfloor. It is Caparo’s aim to progressively move towards attainment of gender equity, which will enable the business and culture to thrive and flourish.

These processes will ensure an environment of equality and respect for all employees, prevent discrimination against individuals based on gender, ensure fairness in terms of remuneration, employment terms, promotions and training & development opportunities.