Industrial Fasteners : Overview, Sub-categories, and Importance

Industrial Fasteners : Overview, Sub-categories, and Importance

Industrial fasteners find applications in almost all types of industries. They are hardware devices that join either 2 or even more objects together. Some of the largest industrial fastener manufacturers in India produce them to serve their global clientele.

Industrial fasteners have both permanent and semi-permanent applications. Permanent applications include assemblies that need permanent joints. And, semi-permanent applications are where an object needs flexibility in the joints. You can dismantle a semi-permanent industrial fastener as and when you need it. Some of the top industries that make use of fasteners include the following:

  • Aerospace industry
  • Building and construction industry
  • Automotive industry
  • Petrochemical industry
  • Nuclear industry
  • Medical industry
  • Marine and mining Industry
  • Manufacturing industry.

What is the exact meaning of industrial fasteners?

People often get confused when it comes to concluding the exact meaning of fasteners. The fastener is a common term used for a wide range of fastening tools. Some of them include:

  • Nuts and Bolts
  • Screws and Studs
  • Rods and Anchors
  • Rivets, sockets, and many more.

Sub-categories of industrial fasteners

Almost all these fastening tools or components have several subcategories. For instance, you can find a screw in various categories. Some of them include self-drilling screw, drywall, self-tapping screw, pan-head, and coach screw.

Let’s discuss screws in detail:

Screws are fasteners that have their holding power in their threaded shafts. Some of the largest industrial fastener manufacturers in India design them for fixing with screwdrivers. A few prominent ones among them include the following:

Coach screws

It is one of the most used heavy-duty screws. Coach screws come with a square or hexagonal head. They also feature an external threaded cylindrical shaft. Coach screws find applications in heavy timber holding and other similar projects. They are suitable for fixing metal to concrete, wood, masonry, and many others.

Self-drilling screws

Self-drilling screws are the common industrial fasteners. Almost all the leading industrial fasteners manufacturers in India produce them. Self-drilling screws find applications in quick drilling jobs. They are ideal for both metal and wood. 

Drywall screws

Leading industrial fasteners manufacturers in India produce drywall screws. These screws offer unmatched grip and hold. When it comes to the mechanism of fine drywall screws, they consist of small heads.


Anchors are fastening components that ease the insertion of screws into any kind of surface. Top industrial fasteners manufacturers in India produce them to hold much weight. These anchors always call for a hammer drill during the installations. They can perform well on all types of hard surfaces including stone, concrete, or brick. Anchor bolts also find applications in linking different types of non-structural parts and operational ones to concrete. Anchor bolts are very effective and efficient in transferring varied loads including tension and shear forces.


A rivet is also one of the most important fastening components. It helps to create a powerful permanent joint in different structures and assemblies. Rivets come with a cylindrical shaft having a head on one end as well as a tail on the other. The users can expand the rear making use of an individual tool. It will capacitate the rivet to always remain in the appropriate position. Rivets are more long-lasting than all other types of available fasteners. Some of the most common ones include the following:

  • Shear Connectors
  • Split rivets
  • Lock Bolt & Collar.

Bolts, Nuts, and Washers

Nuts and bolts always come first in the list of standard industrial fasteners. Top industrial fasteners manufacturers in India produce them to serve a large number of purposes. Their primary job is to fasten two or even more objects together in different assemblies. The users can insert the bolt in a designated hole and then place the nut for fastening. Some major types include the following:

  • Hex bolt
  • Square-head bolts
  • Hanger bolts
  • Carriage bolts
  • Flange bolts
  • Plow bolts

Importance of industrial fasteners

The largest industrial fastener manufacturers in India design and develop a wide range of fasteners. You can imagine no assembly or structure without using fasteners. A car is the finest example of the same. It is an assembly of hundreds of parts and accessories. And, fasteners keep them together and always intact. You can find high-quality industrial fasteners in everything right from an electronic device to an airplane. The requirements of each industry for fasteners are different. Even the manufacturing methodology differs as per the specific requirements.

You can find various examples in world history where the failure of fasteners led to unimaginable mayhem. Fasteners have a lion’s share even in the first step of man on the moon. It all shows their importance. Aerospace fasteners find applications in the following:

  • Aircraft (manned and unmanned, fixed and flex wing)
  • Rotorcraft (helicopters, gyrocopters), and
  • Space vehicles (shuttles, space stations, satellites).

The largest industrial fastener manufacturers in India design and develop aerospace fasteners keeping in view the exacting requirements. It is because the conditions in space always call for the most demanding performance characteristics. Manufacturers of industrial fasteners in India remain specific about all aspects. These include raw material, manufacturing methodology, and precision.

Common metals do not work well in aerospace fasteners. So, manufacturers have to produce them making use of alloys or super alloys. Alloys are materials that combine either two or even more metals. Manufacturers use alloys when they need to meet some specific and harsh requirements of their clients. The manufacturing of special fasteners always calls for the following factors:

  • Understanding of the nature of the applications
  • Years of expertise within the domain
  • State-of-the-art infrastructural prowess
  • Skilled and experienced teams or manpower
  • An ability to use the new-age technology in manufacturing.

The Closing Note

Caparo is one of the largest industrial fastener manufacturers in India. It holds the top position among the market leaders in fasteners technology. The company specializes in the manufacturing of a wide range of fasteners. It provides high-tensile standards as well as special fasteners to its global clientele. The company produces fasteners for a variety of international and Indian standards. These include cold heading quality of Medium Carbon, High Carbon & Alloy Steel.